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Built-in tools

A major part of the indicator can be reused by other indicators. The application includes tools folder with a set of reusable classes and functions. Indicators can import them via require construction of Javascript.

For example, our EMA can be rewritten as this one:

const predef = require("./tools/predef");
const EMA = require("./tools/EMA");

class ema {
   init() {
       this.emaAlgo = EMA(this.props.period);

   map(d) {
       return this.emaAlgo(d.value());

module.exports = {
   name: "exampleEma",
   description: "My EMA",
   calculator: ema,
   params: {
       period: predef.paramSpecs.period(10)
   tags: ["My Indicators", predef.tags.MovingAverage],
   schemeStyles: predef.styles.solidLine("red")

Source codes of the tools folder are available via the Code Explorer module of the application.

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