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Module drawing-tool

Type aliases

CoordinateRestraint: number | [number, number]

A number or pair of numbers that describe the limits of a coordinate. If this is a single number, describes the number of units that are valid for a coordinate in the given axis. If this is an array pair of numbers, describes the [min, max] absolute coordinate values that are valid for the given axis.

 const MyCustomTool = {

     //a drawing tool with these retraints can move plus or minus 2 units in the Y axis and plus or minus 14 units in the X axis
     anchorRestraints() {
         return [{y: 2}, {x: 14}]

     //a drawing tool with these restraints can move between the 4525 and 4535 price in the Y axis
     anchorRestraints() {
         return [{y: [4525, 4535]}]


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